Will Fertilizer Save Lucky Bamboo? (Does Green Green really work?)

I received a great question from someone browsing the web for answers today...

"Will Green Green prevent my lucky bamboo plant from turning yellow??? And if the plant is already yellow will Green Green help the plant become normal?"

Personally, I love what Green Green Plant Food has done for my plants!  I have taken in an entire household of struggling lucky bamboo plants over the years and I have seen many of them "spring" back to life and color with some TLC and Green Green.  

Green Green contains the perfect balance of nitrogen, phosphoric acid and potasium for plants that have sensitive constitutions--like lucky bamboo.  Too much fertilizer can be toxic for lucky bamboo (or lotus bamboo) so you have to be careful that you don't overdo it.  That's why I love Green Green, I know that just a few drops each week is all I need. 

Green Green is great:

  • For general nutrition (which keeps the plants healthier in the long run)
  • For the health of the roots and stems
  • When leaves and stems are fading (to light green)
  • For adding vitality to aging plants
  • Before or after blooming
  • When placed indoors and away from sunlight
  • When a plant (lucky bamboo / lotus bamboo) is sensitive to hot or cold weather

To answer this person's question:  While Green Green won't absolutely prevent the plant from turning yellow (ie: if the plant dries out, nothing, including Green Green, can save it), it will add the necessary balanced nutrition the plant needs to keep it healthier and happier for a longer period of time (with otherwise proper care of the plant). 

Green Green is great for adding vitality to aging plants and boosting the color if it begins to fade!  But it can't bring a dead plant back to life.  I hated to tell this person that if the stems of their lucky bamboo plant were yellow the plant was most likely dead or dying and couldn't be saved. 

I'll keep using Green Green because it has worked wonders in my book... that's the reason I sell it and only it!