Ancient Asian traditions hold that the lucky bamboo plant carries a special balance of Feng Shui, attracting good fortune and well being to its environment.  The number of stalks and the type of arrangement carries special fortune and meaning.

Lucky Bamboo Stalks

  • 3 stalks are given for Happiness
  • 5 stalks are given for Health
  • 6 stalks are given for Harmony
  • 8, 18, 28 or 38 stalks are given for Prosperity

Lucky Bamboo Towers                                                                     Lucky Bamboo towers anchor Feng Shui and light up the future.

Woven Lucky Bamboo Trellises                                                          The Trellis is made of woven lucky bamboo and used in Feng Shui to prevent bad energy flow.  A trellis is also symbolic of the ladder of achievement.

Braided Lucky Bamboo Trees                                                          Lucky bamboo is often braided into unique sculptural arrangements.   Lucky bamboo trees come in pillar and pear shapes.  Double braided canes of lucky bamboo bring good news.  Double braided lucky bamboo canes bring new development in business and life.

Questions on Care, etc.     If you have questions about caring for your lucky bamboo you can refer to our Care Instructions section.  Use our Questions and Answers section for additional information.